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Armagnac, Brandy

To promote the winemaking of the Gers and Armagnac is to defend the identity of our County and the identity of the Musketeers. In the same way that a Gascon would be lost without his Musketeers, so a Musketeer would be greatly saddened without his brandy, which delights the palate, enlivens the body, gladdens the heart and uplifts the soul.

A Gascon is nothing without his land, but the soul of Gascony is present as much in inanimate objects as in people. The most direct way to reawaken the urge to seek new conquests and to breathe the scents of our oak covered hillsides and the perfumes of our vines is to taste the produce of Gascony and finish off with a glass of the wonderful brandy called Armagnac.

Because, make no mistake, Armagnac is a drink that you should not take without being in a certain state of mind, but that once taken will allow you to enter into that feeling of wellbeing beloved of d'Artagnan, and where, in the gentle stillness of the Gascony countryside, the impossible becomes possible.

In fact, although there is really no need to drink a lot of Armagnac to enter into that state of mind that is characteristic of a Musketeer, it is essential to know how to savour, admire and appreciate one of the best things in life.


This is the history of the brandy known as ARMAGNAC, the nectar from our Gascony which the Company of Musketeers offers to its guests.

The Best Brandy in the World *