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The ageing process

Once distillation has been completed, Armagnac undergoes a long ageing process in the wine cellars.

In 410 litre capacity casks made from oak from the forests of Gascony and Limousin, the brandy is slowly enriched by the scents of the casks (vanilla, candied fruits, prunes....) while taking on a glorious golden colour. The strength of the brandy slowly decreases through the natural evaporation of the alcohol. This is known as :

« The Angels' share ».

It is the Cellar Master who has the responsibility of correcting this natural evaporation by adding more brandy (replacing the angels' share), using only brandy from the same year and the same distillation !

Absolutel adherence to this rule enables formal identification of any Armagnac, its rarity and the specificity of every vintage.

* à déguster avec modération !