Domain Tariquet Chapter

The aging of Armagnac Mousquetaire has come to an end. Put in barrels 12 years ago, blessed by our Aramis, Abbot Cenzon, the Company’s vintage is ready! It was with […]

Mediterranean Squadron Chapter

The city of Istanbul welcomed the Chapter of the MEDITERRANEAN Squadron for the 2nd time. The gala evening was held in the sumptuous setting of the Feriye Bosphorus. Bringing together […]

2nd Grand Chapter of the Swiss Squadron

Musketeers from all over the world traveled to Bern, the federal capital of Switzerland, to celebrate a few days of Musketeer friendship during the 2nd Grand Chapter of the Swiss […]

Mousquetaire Emir Kusturica

A Seissan (gers) au théâtre de verdure du Soleil d’Or Par Lilian Maume Welcome in Tziganie est devenu un festival majeur des musiques balkaniques. Cette année, Emir KUSTURICA et son […]

Actualités des Escadrons et Détachements